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Designer’s Guide to Mens Linen Shirts

When deciding on the style for men’s linen shirts, we are looking at a new breed of male!Mens linen shirts in khaki is a trendy new colour.

No longer content with the one style suits all, when searching for mens linen shirts, Australia has voiced their opinions loud and clear.

Although the males that I’ve come across while searching for mens linen shirts appear nonchalant, often it is their accompanying counterpart that says ‘yes’ or ‘no’, when it comes decision time.

Whereas the male will choose the colour, try it on and often if it fits well the deal is done.  They rarely look in the mirror!

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There is a lot to love about Mens Linen Shirts in Australia

If you haven’t worn a linen shirt yet, I will do my best to convey the benefits to you!

What you will notice and enjoy about wearing a quality linen shirt is how you won’t feel clammy and sticky.

While we can’t alter the hot humid temperature Australia offers in the summer, you can feel comfortable in your mens linen shirts knowing the linen absorbs the moisture, and allows the air to circulate between your body and the linen shirt.

My partner always wears a linen shirt on long haul flights, noticing he arrives at the destination odour free and relatively still fresh!

Once you’ve worn one, you will want one in every shade!

When it comes down to detail, it can be the smallest part of the design that comes between man and shirt!  Some like a front pocket, while for others it’s a deal breaker.

The size of the collar can also be a deciding factor.  In our shirts we put the softest interfacing, so the collar keeps its shape for the life of the shirt.

Not forgetting the importance of a good cuff design in Mens Linen Shirts

Cuffs and shirt length is important design detail in mens linen shirts.One interesting detail we came across when designing our mens linen shirts is that the cuff was an important but sometimes overlooked design flaw that needed redesigning.

The reasons for having 2 buttons on the cuffs are:

  • Mens wrist sizes vary quite a lot especially in sizes from large and above to 3xl
  • Whatever wrist the watch is worn on normally requires a bit more room to enable the button to be fastened over the watch
  • Most of the males prefer to have the cuff unbuttoned to roll the sleeves up at least twice over.  If the cuff is too small, even undone it will be too tight on the forearm when rolled up.

Mens linen shirts - Australia likes a longer length

Mens linen shirts are a comfortable fit in Australia.If you are traditional male from country Australia, most of you still appreciate the shirt to be tucked in and finished off with a smart leather belt.  For those that prefer to wear it out over the pants, if the length of the shirt is not right the shirt will look odd.

Most of our linen shirt range are slightly curved at the side and dip slightly longer at the back.

Our mens linen shirts range in size from small up to 3xl.  This is where it can get difficult to get the length right, especially when the male has an extra wide girth but narrow shoulders or they are 6ft 5 but very slim build.

Our mens linen shirts are a slightly relaxed fit, as linen should be and this seems to get around the issue as they can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned with a white t shirt underneath.

When Deciding on Mens Linen Shirts Australia Prefers Two Colours

It is debatable whether white is a colour, but when selecting mens linen shirts white is the most popular choice.  We made our long sleeve button up with a few variances to add a bit of variety.  One of our originals had a neutral light tan linen strip down the centre and inside the collar.

We found that men either loved it or disliked it completely.  Another option we tried was light coloured wooden buttons which was popular and changed the whole look of the shirt.

In production we also noticed each batch of white fabric had the ability to be a different shade of white, which quickly became apparent when an order was received. It was a constant battle to have ‘crisp, white mens linen shirts, requesting whiter than white regularly.

The other colour that was predominately chosen from our mens linen shirts was light blue which we paired with wood look buttons.  Light blue is one colour that suits most men.

So, these 2 colours will always be a staple item in our mens linen shirts collection.

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Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothing, Australia

Many benefits of wearing linen clothing Australia. Sustainability, coolness and comfortable linen clothing.

In the continually evolving world of fashion, one fabric is starting to hold its grip on the industry for good reason.

Linen is a natural fibre, breathable and completely suited to the warmer weather Australia’s climate provides. Quality linen clothing absorbs the moisture yet is also quick drying, avoiding the wet marks left by synthetic garments.

Most people are unaware that many man made fibres use chemicals in the production process or are synthetics derived from Petroleum such as Polyesters and Nylons.

Their are many benefits to wearing linen clothing australia.Linen is an extraordinarily strong, durable fabric whose origins begin from the flax plant. The process of manufacturing the fabric is laborious but because linen clothing outlasts most other fabrics it is worth the time and effort taken in production.  Arguably one of the best clothing fabrics, linen clothing in Australia has won over many critics.  Superior in strength and sustainability, it comes out on top over cotton, silk, and wool in the natural fabric market.

Let us take a closer look at the benefits:

Advantages of wearing Linen Clothing in Australia

  1. Strong and Sturdy  

Linen is 30% stronger than cotton, if cotton clothing can last you until the next Summer season, then linen clothing will last a lot longer if laundered correctly.

The use of linen dates back as far as 800 BC with ancient Egyptians using it not only as currency, but also mummification cloth for its sturdy and robust nature. It is highly regarded as the strongest natural fibre and it gets softer with every wash!


  1. Linen Clothing is Highly Absorbent and Breathable

Linen fibres are hollow, and unlike other materials, they permit airflow across your entire body.Linen clothing australia is the perfect place to experiment with different types of clothing.

While adept at keeping dampness at bay in the heat, linen clothing is also adaptable through the cooler months, by simply adding layers.

Furthermore, this material is also highly absorbent, effectively gaining approximately 20% of its dry weight in moisture leaving the wearer devoid of feeling damp.

This improves the materials overall cooling system because as your perspiration is being absorbed and evaporated, underneath your body feels dry, not sticky and much cooler.

With this, linen clothing Australia wide, is ideally suited for warm climates, since it helps you keep cool not to mention helping you avert embarrassing sweat patches!


  1. Durability

While most fabrics deteriorate after extensive use, linen tends to get brighter, softer and stronger the more times you wash it.

This means that well maintained linens last much longer than other fabrics leading us to think that linen is well represented as a sustainable fabric.


  1. Naturally Anti Bacterial and Hypoallergenic

Another unique property of linen is that it is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Its anti-bacterial characteristic is the main reason why it used to be the best fabric for manufacturing bandages. This is also one of the reasons why the cloth was used to mummify the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Linen clothing is suitable for individuals who are prone to allergies and sensitive skin because the fabric is not conducive for allergy causing bacteria to manifest. Many people believe that wearing linen is beneficial to their health.


  1. Easy Care

Linen requires minimum care as the more you wear and wash the softer the fabric becomes.

Freshly washed linen clothing at first glance may insight alarm bells, but a gentle steam iron will bring the garment back in to its original shape and softness.

If you prefer the pressed look, ironing while the garment is slightly damp will improve the finished result!

Much of today’s quality linen clothing Australia enjoys, needs little or no ironing.  Linen clothing is machine washable in cold water, it does retain its shape even after routine washing, ironing, and hanging. The only necessary precaution is that when washing it, like other fabrics soft cold water is best.

The wrinkled aspect unique to linen clothing is because it has minimal elasticity, most Linens look their best when slightly creased, a feature linen clothing in Australia has embraced.

Avoid the creases by giving the garment a good flick after laundering and hang it straight after the wash cycle ends. Reducing your spin speed to 800 will also make a difference. It will then dry that way!

We do not recommend linen to be aired off in a clothes dryer from wet but it may be suitable on warm cycle to air it for 10 mins.


  1. Eco Friendly, Sustainable Linen clothing - Australia

Linen is a product of flax plant stalks which are known for their resilience. These plants can thrive even in poor soils needing very little or no fertilizer. Compared to cotton, for instance, the production process of linen is significantly less water-intensive resulting in a relatively low water usage.

What's more, nearly all of the flax plant is used to create the linen. Similarly, there is an increased demand for flax oil and seeds in the food and health industry meaning that there is virtually no wastage of the flax plant.

Lastly and perhaps the most impressive characteristic is that since linen is a natural fibre, it is bio-degradable!

Linen Clothing - Its Definitely Not Fast Fashion

Linen if maintained properly will last you a very long time. Garments made from Linen with design in mind should not be a “fast fashion” item, rather a stylish addition to complement your wardrobe.

Looking at these benefits, it is therefore no coincidence that linen clothing is increasing in demand throughout the extended summer Australia brings. As mentioned previously. there are multiple benefits and perks to this comfortable yet stylish fabric which renders it a perfect fit especially for casual wear, business wear or a night out on the town.

To sum it up we are a big fan of linen clothing in Australia, we invite you along to add a garment of linen clothing this Season!  It won’t be long before you have many items of linen clothing in your wardrobe collection for many years to come.

You will find some great Womens Linen Clothing here:

and Mens Linen Clothing here:

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Wholesale Linen Clothing

Wholesale Linen Clothing

Tusk Linen Co are offering an exclusive range of Wholesale Linen Clothing throughout Australia & Internationally but at this stage are mainly working with the "locals". We are a local Company based on the beautifull Gold Coast in Queensland Australia and are looking to supply local Boutique stores throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.

Our range is mainly 100% Quality Linen Clothing which is thoughtfully designed to ensure it will not date and become fast fashion, rather become a priceless sustainable and memorable item to the purchaser.

Some of our items include The Eva Midi Linen Dress and the Harlow Belted Linen Pants, Linen Culottes

Wholesale Linen Clothing Eva Linen Midi Dress

Wholesale Linen Clothing Linen Pants

Wholesale Linen Clothing Liza Linen Two Piece

Jazmin Linen Wrap Dress, The Aisha range of Linen Camis, The Breezy Wrap range of Linen Tops, The Karis Mini Linen Dresses which have square necks, The Lacey Linen Shift Dresses with beautiful embroidered shoulder sections also we have our Liza Linen Two Piece & Midnight Linen Two Piece. We also have the Mileh Linen Jumpsuit and our Tusk Signature Linen Wraps and also the womens Linen Suit the Adorne by Tusk just to mention a few.

In our Mens range we have Wholesale Mens Linen Shirts and Mens Linen Jackets and shortly a new addition of Mens Linen Shorts and Mens Linen Long Pants.


Wholesale Linen Clothing Suppliers -Australia

If you have a Boutique Store and you would like to stock Quality Linen Clothing you can contact us to become a stockist by clicking here.

We do offer a limited number of wholesale opportunities, check out more info or click the link below.

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