Garment Care

Getting The Best from Your LinenLinen

Linen is woven from the fibres of the Flax Plant and is a completely Natural Resource. Appreciated for its ability to keep us cool and comfortable throughout the warmer climate.

Always take a moment to read the care instructions on the inside of your garment. Following these guidelines will extend the life of your garment.

We recommend the following points in addition to the instructions on your care label.

  • Use pure soap or gentle detergent when laundering linens.
  • If you are aware of a stain whilst wearing the garment, launder as soon as soon as you are able or dilute with cold water.
  • Use oxygen-type bleaches for white linen, instead of chlorine bleaches which have a tendency to make the garment appear yellow.
  • Whether hand or machine washing, be sure to rinse the linen item completely in lots of water to remove all soap, detergent and residual soil. This will help to avoid formation of "age spots" which are caused by oxidation of cellulose (linens primary component).
  • Once rinsing and spinning cycles on a washing machine are complete, either line dry the linen items, lay them flat or hang garments.
  • Hang the garments in the shade if possible to dry.
  • If you are hand washing, avoid hand wringing the garment as this will wrinkle it, making ironing difficult.
  • Linen is easier to iron if it is slightly damp.

We hope you enjoy wearing your Linen Garment  as much as we do!